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Gear Spinner Cube

The much anticipated and waited for Gear SPINNER Cube. There have been many requests for a spinner version of the gear fidget cube... so i designed one to do just that!  This gear spinner cube is 50/50 spinner and fidgeter.
While most spinners, including my own gear spinners, spin in only 1 plane, the gear spinner cube has gears that spin in 4 different planes and on 2 separate axes! one of those axes is also the spinning axis for the cube.  there are only 18 available, 6 in each material.... dont hesitate they will be gone FAST!  

It may not be for everyone but it is definitely something different and special! Please watch the video befor
e ordering


SS Cubes are in production, Preorder now shipping begins March 1st 2018

Brass cubes have sold out

Copper cubes have sold out!

gear spinner cube

Video By Maurice Smalls

gear cube spinner