Some of the more common questions and information for care and maintenance of you RGS fidget toy
  1. What are the materials used in your fidget spinners?
    1. we use many different materials but here are the major components
      1. SS or brass for side plates and screws
      2. brass for buttons,
      3. gears are steel,
      4. r188 bearings (steel)
      5. SS for spacers
      6. SS for shafts
  2. How do i care for my RGS fidget toy?
    1. care and maintenance is the same as for many other fidget toys, except keep in mind these are build like ACTUAL machines
    2. As a machine a little more effort is required particularly in hi humid environments
      1. Your RGS fidget toy should be kept in a clean and dry environment
      2. the gears may be subject to corrosion, but don't panic keeping them clean, dry and lightly oiled will prevent corrosion.
        1. remember the gears are not "make believe" gears kind of cut out in the general shape of a gear, but REAL, ACTUAL industrial gears taken from a true industrial setting.
        2. industrial gears are not readily made from brass or stainless steel due to the load requirements for gears
        3. because the gears are rubbing against each other plating or coating with lacquer will not prevent corrosion, coatings will simply wear away.
  3. What kind of oil should I use?
    1. any light oil would work fine
      1. the purpose of the oil is to provide a barrier against moisture that may cause corrosion
      2. any gun oil will work fine for this purpose
      3. sewing machine oil works too
  4. How often should I oil the gears?
    1. whenever it will be stored for any period of time
    2. weekly or even every few days particularly, if you live in a humidity environment
  5. How much oil?
    1. just enough to form a thin oil film and then wipe (do not wash) off
    2. even though you will wipe most of the oil off, enough remains to form a layer of protection
  6. Are the gears sharp, they look sharp?
    1. the gear teeth are not sharp, they are rounded and the edges are fully deburred
    2. keep in mind that the gears are still gears so in order to function correctly they need to maintain an exact geometrical shape
    3. these are In fact ACTUAL industrial gears, which is something most individuals are not familiar with, the unfamiliarity may cause one to think they are Sharp
  7. What do I do if I notice corrosion starting?
    1. Don’t Panic – it is not a big deal and can easily be remedied
    2. Take it apart and isolate the gears
    3. If corrosion is light, steel wool should clean it right up
    4. If corrosion is more pronounced a quick bath in a rust treatment should do the trick:
      1. CLR
      2. Naval Jelly
      3. Or any equivalent
    5. Neutralize according to manufacturer’s instructions
    6. If you rinse with water:  
      1. thoroughly dry
      2. use WD-40 to displace any water droplets
      3. blow out with compressed air
      4. follow oiling instructions above